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MOSO Power Technology Co Ltd MOSO Power Supply stock code 002660 is a national high tech enterprise It is a global advanced power solution provider and a symbolic enterprise in the domestic power industry It is also a well known brand in Shenzhen Guangdong famous trademark enterprise The company was selected into the Top 500 Chinese Brands in 2017 and was elected as Top Ten Influential Brands in 2017 Since its establishment in 2006 after several years of rapid development the company has been recognized by many Fortune 500 companies and formed strategic partnerships with them Moso Power s product development manufacturing sales and service have been established in the United States Japan...

Categories and Products

Public Lighting LED Driver

Programmable LED Driver

320W LED Street Light LED power supply Programmable Street Light Constant Current LED Driver Dimmable IP67 programmable led driver IP67 dimmiable led driver power supply 105W Waterproof Programmable LED Driver 120W Constant Current LED Driver waterproof programmable led driver for outdoor led lighting 120W Low Flicker Constant Current LED Driver Programmable High Efficiency LED Power Supply 200W 105W Programmable LED Power Supply 200W Programmable LED Driver Program Constant Power Outdoor LED Driver 200W Intelligent Constant Current Waterproof LED Driver 200W 75W Constant Curent Programmable LED Power Supply 240W outdoor dimmable LED power supply 240W Constant current programmable LED Driver 240W Street Light Programmable LED Driver 240W Class I programmable outdoor LED Driver 240W Outdoor IR Programmable LED Driver 240W Adjustable outdoor LED Driver 

Fixed Output LED Driver

Low Power for LED Lighting Small Size Low Wattage Power Rectangular Tunnel Light Power Programmable Tunnel Light LED Driver Non-Dimmable Tunnel Light LED Driver Non-Dimmable Signage LED Driver Fixed output Tunnel Light LED Driver Non-Dimmable Train Tunnal Light LED Driver 

Dimmable LED Driver

0-10V/PWM/Timer Dimmable LED Driver Output Wire Dimming Wire Isolated Power 200W Outdoor Constant Power 3in1 Dimmable LED Driver Outdoor IP Rated Dimmable LED Driver 120W Multifunction dimmable LED Driver SCP OVP OTP Function LED Driver 60W 3 in 1 Dimming Power Supply High performanc dimmable Outdoor Lighting LED Driver 10KV Constant Current LED Driver Dimmable Outdoor lighting LED Power Supply 105W 200W Dimmable High Efficiency Waterproof LED Power Supply 75W Programmable 3 in 1 Dimming LED Driver Waterproof Dimmable LED Street Light Power Supply Outdoor Constant Power Dimmable LED Driver Universal Input Dimmable Constant Power LED Driver Dimmable outdoor lighting LED driver 105W 105W Flexible Dimmable LED Driver LED Street Light Power Supply 105W IP67 Waterproof LED Power Supply Dimmable Outdoor LED Driver 105W 


IP67 Waterproof DALI dimmable LED driver 150W Non Earth Line LED Driver 

Industrial Lighting LED Driver

Linear Industrial Lighting LED Driver

150W Class Ⅱ LED Driver 150W Low Power Road Lighting LED Driver 150W Extend Lifespan LED Driver 150W High Efficient LED Driver 120W Industrial Lighting LED Driver 120W External Power Supply 150W Waterproof LED Driver 150W Off-Line Programmable LED Driver 150W Dimming Programmable LED Driver 150W Long Life Warranty LED Driver 150W Road Lighting Programmable LED Driver 150W Street Light Programmable LED Driver 150W Built-in Programmable LED Driver 

Round Industrial Lighting LED Driver

60W Programmable Round Industrial Lighting LED Driver Programmable 60W Round Industrial Lighting LED Driver 160W Programmable Round Industrial Lighting LED Driver Programmable LED High Bay Driver 120W Programmable LED High Bay Driver 60W MTP High Bay Driver 60W Round Industrial Lighting LED Driver 60W LED High Bay Driver 60W Programmable Round Industrial Lighting LED Driver 120W Programmable Round Lighting LED Driver 120W Programmable Industrial High Bay Driver 120W 160W Programmable Industrial Lighting LED Driver 60W Programmable Round Industrial Led Driver Transformer 160W Industrial Lighting Power Supply 60W Dimming Wire Industrial High Bay LED Driver 60W Programmable High Bay Power Supply 60W High Bay Industrial LED Driver 60W Offl-ine High Bay LED Driver 60W Constant Power High Bay LED Driver 60W Wire Programmable High Bay LED Driver 

Street Light LED Driver

Constant Current Street Light Outdoor LED Driver 

Flood Light LED Driver

60W Flood Light Power Supply 60W Output Adjustable Power Supply 60W 5 Years Warranty LED Driver 75W High Transfer LED Driver 

Signage LED Driver

USB Kit Programmable 105W LED Driver 105W Stable Output LED Driver 105W Programmable LED Driver 105W Dimming USB LED Driver 

High Mast Light LED Driver

120W High Bay Indoor LED Driver 120W DIm Industrial LED Driver 120W Long Life High Bay LED Driver 200W High Power High Bay LED Driver 200W Off-line Programmabe LED Driver 200W Low Consumption LED Driver 120W High Bay USB Dimming LED Driver 120W Programmable LED Driver 120W High Power LED Driver 120W DIY Constant Power LED Driver 120W Flexible Constant Current LED Driver 120W Offline Adjustable LED Driver 120W Adjustable Constant Current LED Driver 

High Bay LED Driver

Programmable High Bay LED Driver

UFO IP67 LED Driver with CE/ENEC Certification 160W DIY High Bay Programmable LED Driver 160W High Power High Bay LED Driver 160W Industrial Indoor LED Driver 160W Warehouse High Bay LED Driver 160W Sport Stadium High Bay LED Diver 160W Football Stadiums High Bay LED Driver 

Non-isolated High Bay LED Driver

60W High Efficient High Bay LED Driver 60W Non-Isolated High Bay LED Driver 160W Round High Bay LED Driver 

Class II Programmable LED Driver

Dim-to-off Led Driver

75W Class II DALI Dimmable Led Driver 75W Class II Programmable Dimmable Led Driver Dimmable 200W Timer Dimming LED Driver Constant Power 200W Programmable Output LED Power Supply 3-in-1 Dimming 200W Universal Input LED Driver Surge Immunity 200W Global Certification LED Power Supply 

Constant Voltage LED Driver

Constant Voltage LED Driver 

Landscape Lighting LED Driver

105W Adjusting Output Current High Value 105W Power Supply 

Plant Lighting LED Driver

Horticulture Lighting LED Power Supply Stadium Lighting LED Driver Area Lighting LED Power Supply Low power 105W LED Driver 105W Non-Dimming LED Driver High Power 105W LED Power Supply 

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